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¡¡¡¡Huasheng letter art (Beijing) decoration co., LTD founded in 2002, the company since its inception, the concept of service first standard, sincere hospitality to the aim of winning letter, my company's business services, regardless of high low-end customers are the same operation mode, has won the praise of all. Company now has a group in the international competition of the international professional design staff, the company's technical staff, after years of the development trend of the hotel, the adornment of the draw all kinds of party idea, form a good reputation in the hotel, the company has many years experience of working in the hotel artist, designer and a number of design patents and invention patent. Company since the 2008 Olympic Games for the national conference center design for many large banquet and method. Company grand hotel artist and designer, a former Beijing China world hotel artist, crowne plaza hotel artist, has many years experience in the food and beverage, has repeatedly to industry awards, the hotel restaurant supplies and have a lot of humanized design. My company can be customized for clients of various banquet supplies and accessories, sincere service for you!
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